Elva Hreidarsdottir


I’m born on the 8th of June 1964 in a small fishing village on the west coast of Iceland under the great volcano Snaefellsjokull. I currently live in Reykjavik, the Capitol of Iceland and have my studio there in a large old building among 40 other artists. My most profound memory of my childhood was the feeling of being free in the nature. Playing by the seashore, climb mountains or just being out in the nature and feel it’s power. But the nature was not always tender. The sea also took lives of fishermen and Read More sorrow took place in the small village. One learned soon that no human can control the forces of nature. When I grew up I kept on being in the nature and exploring new fields. The lines and forms in rocks feed my works, they remind me of how nature is constantly creating itself in multiply diversity like life itself. I put certain elements in nature into new context which are not necessarily recognizable. It is a fascinating process that I am drawn to. I also seek tranquility out in the nature and I try to express it in my works. Today I go out in the nature to get inspiration for my works and to calm my mind just like when I was younger and that is what I want to give back with my works. I believe the technique of how I make my works is quite unique, both how I make the plates and how I put the color on the plate before printing.

Skills: Collograph monotype


Written by Nature

Dimensions: 112 x 68 cm
Technique: Collograph

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