Lurdi Blauth


Lives and Works in South Korea. She has participated numerous of exhibitions , including, The Print Biennial Varna. Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery.Varna, Bulgaria.(2015, 2013), and The 17e Biennale internationale de la gravure de Sarcelles,.Paris,France (2015), The 7th Printmaking Biennial of Douro,Douro Museum, Portugal.(2014) The Biennial International Miniature Print,.Federation Gallery. Vancouver. Canada.(2014, 2008), The Biennale Internationale d’estampe contemporaine de Trois- Riveres. de Trois- Riveres .Qu Read Moreebec. Canada.(2011), and Solo exhibition, SPACE IN PROGRESS , Gallery Factory. Seoul. Korea. (2008), The International of Engraving Premio El Caliu,(30dies International project). Art Gallery El Caliu Olot, Spain.(2008, 2007) . Going out-Artist’s Books from Korea,Gutenberg-Museum Maina, Germany(2005). She won awards, including 1st prize of Acqui Price for the Biennial of Engraving “Premio Acqui”. Italy( 2015) and The Union of Bulgrian Artists Varna ‘s prize of the ExLibris Varna, Bulgaria(2014), 1st prize of El Caliu of the Engraving Premio El Caliu, Spain (2008) ect.

Skills: aquatint gravura em metal


4th Biennial

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