Susanne Wawra


Susanne Wawra (b. 1980) is a German artist based in Dublin, Ireland. Working across different media, she explores the intersection between personal autobiography and historical events. Utilising photographs from her own family albums as well as archives purchased via the internet, Wawra draws on printed matter to interrogate her experience of of growing up in East Germany before the fall of the Wall. Her use of mundane, daily source material combined with the layered process of collage enables a material reimagining Read Moreof the tension between fiction and reality, past and present. This tension is further explored by low reliefs carved in reference to the stone monuments of Socialist Realism, and by Wawra's appropriation and subversion of print, sound and video material from the propagandist GDR regime. By approaching the past as an unfinished, ongoing story, Wawra interrogates the reliability of recorded history, as well as how our understanding of 'private' and 'public' is impacted by historical events. Through narrativisation, fabrication and personalisation, she reinterprets the relationship between history and the self, working towards a broader understanding of formations of selfhood.

Skills: image transfer oil paint


4th Biennial

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