Astrid McGarrighan lives and works in Bergen and studied printmaking at Bergen National Academy of the Arts and at Bergen University College. She experiments with the time-consuming graphic technique etching/aquatint, and places emphasis on working with shades of colour, textures and relief effects. The tactile, richly textured expression is the result of a painstaking process whose interaction of composition and decomposition leaves several layers of the print’s development in the copper plate. Her projects hav Read Moree explored the concepts of time and mutability, whereby natural and man-made objects undergo a metamorphosis and are given a new lease of life Astrid McGarrighan’s work has been shown in a great number of individual and joint exhibitions at home and abroad, (including The National Original Print Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery, London, - where she won a prize - and in China, Poland and Serbia). Her etching/aquatints have been purchased by galleries and public and private institutions.

Skills: etching aquatint


5th Biennial
4th Biennial

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