Christopher Noble


I have been printmaking for over 45 years. Current imagery includes imaginary worlds painstakingly created in 3D programmes where objects can be made and ‘coated’ with my own imagery, from other prints for instance, or by using specially created textures. Nothing is quite what it seems. The results are large-format prints invoking otherworldly places. All the prints have elements of previous imagery at their heart, forming a kind of palimpsest where previous imagery is not wholly erased. A kind of memory that pers Read Moreists and pervades the final image. All are printed on my own large format printer using the finest quality pigmented inks and acid free papers. One recent print goes back to a large, diagrammatic drawing for an uncompleted sculpture created 50 years ago, now brought to ‘life’ and further developed in 3D print imagery – coming full circle if you like!

Skills: digital print digital print  


5th Biennial
4th Biennial

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