Fabio Riaudo, musician and engraver born in year 1993, grew up in the province of Turin. He graduated at the Primo Liceo Artistico of Turin and later obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphics at the Albertina Academy where he also attended a two-year master’s degree. In previous years he took part in many exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. Since 2019 he is a member of Associazione Nazionale Incisori Contemporanei. His artistic vision focuses on an imaginary world, with the intention of totally overturning ou Read Morer common perception of space, through a highly instinctive, gestural technique creating melancholy landscapes of dimension that give an intense sense of emptiness and perdition accentuated by the marked chiaroscuro contrast. Through his works the artist invites us to reflect on the contradictions of the contemporary society, in particular on human relations and the sheer instability of being, accentuating its fragility, superficiality and uncertainty, all of which characteristics that inevitably invoke a sense of solitude and insecurity. It’s important to note that none of the works are accompanied by preparatory sketches or designs, but based solely on the uncontrolled impulses of the artist himself.

Skills: etching


5th Biennial

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