Fausto De Marinis


Fausto de Marinis was born on 23 February 1938 in Harar (Ethiopia). He started painting at a remarkably young age and he partecipated in several individual and collective exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad. Being enthralled by engraving techniques, he produced a series of chalcographic and xylographic works, which are currently held in museums as well as private collections. Some important events organized in recent years are here summarized: in 2009 he won the National Engraving Competition, organized by the Natio Read Morenal Associations of Italian Engravers; then later he participated in the VI, VII and IX International Small Engraving Exhibition in Cremona; La xilografia italiana: Dalla mostra internazionale di xilografia di Levanto a oggi 1912 -2012; XIII Premio Acqui; Premio Diego Donati (Perugia); Italian Contemporary Engravers in Uzice (Serbia); Grafica ed ex Libris, Casale Monferrato; Xilografie su carta di Bambù and Labirinto dal carcere al piacere, Labirinto di Franco Maria Ricci; Dietro le quinte and Quarta parete, Spazio FoyEr di Trento; Il segno del sacro, III Biennale dell'Incisione Italiana- Carmelo Floris, Olzai. In the last years he organized some solo exhibition: Diario in Kormend (Hungary) and Cordovado (Pordenone); Carte Dipinte in Maribor (Slovenia) and Fusione in Verona.

Skills: xilografia xylography


5th Biennial
4th Biennial

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