Manuel Marchant


Education: 1976 - 1982 School of Architecture of the Catholic University of Valparaíso - Chile 1985 - 1987 Institute of Urban Studies. Catholic University of Chile Profession ARCHITECT Associations e Offices 1983 - 2018 Member of College of Architects of Chile. 2008 - 2018 Free Artist of the Workshop 99 of engraving Exhibitions and Prizes 2016 Together with T99 Exposed in China Printmaking Museum. 2014 Exhibits in Collective T99 University of Talca 2016 Exh Read Moreibits in Collective T99 University of Talca 2013 Exhibition FACTORIES in Library of Santiago 2013 Exhibition FACTORIES in Architecture University Austral – Valdivia 2014 Exhibition FACTORIES in Centro de Cultura Municipality of Valparaiso 2015 Exhibition FACTORIES in Contemporany Art Center of Vitebsk – Belarus 2016 Exhibition Speech by Diógenes Municipality of Providencia 2016 Exhibition Speech by Diógenes Replica Gallery Institute of Art University Austral 2017 Exhibition In the Forests of Mashue Higher School Campesina – Chiloé. 2017 Exhibition In the Forests of Mashue. Israelite Circle of Santiago. 2017 Collective Exhibition 60 Years of the Workshop 99. Engraving Workshop Founded in 1956. 2017 Biennale Internazionale di Opera di Carta – Schio – Vicenza - Italia

Skills: pintura digital print etching


5th Biennial
4th Biennial

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