Patricia Olynyk


Patricia Olynyk’s work investigates science and technology-related themes and the ways in which social systems and institutional structures shape our understanding of human life and the natural world. Collaborating across disciplines on projects that explore the mind-brain relationship, interspecies ecologies, and the phenomenology of perception, her work often interprets archives and scientific objects in various contexts. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at Palazzo Michiel, Venice; the Saitama Moder Read Moren Art Museum, Japan; the Brooklyn Museum; the National Academy of Sciences. Washington, DC; Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo; and the LA International Biennial. Olynyk completed her undergraduate studies at the Alberta University of the Arts, received her Master of Fine Arts Degree with Distinction at the California College of the Arts, and then spent four years in Japan as a Monbusho and Tokyu Foundation Research Scholar.



5th Biennial

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