Rebecca Beardmore


Rebecca Beardmore is a Canadian-born Australian contemporary artist based in Sydney. She completed her MFA in the department of Art and Design at the University of Alberta, a Centre for Excellence in Printmaking. Through an innovative and experimental approach to materials and techniques, Rebecca seeks to expand the rhetoric around image perception and disrupt the image as an object of representation – evoking tensions between reading, seeing and perception. An accomplished print artist, Rebecca is particularly inv Read Moreested in the material properties that print affords to the photographic image. In this current body of work, refined traditional hand printed photographic processes mingle with reprographic 4-colour separation printing, to emphasise the image encounter through its material surface. Crucially, the works present a convergence between the photographs proposed authenticity and experience of immediacy with the material subtlety and sensuality of more painterly impressions. Exploiting technologies of image production, old and new, Rebecca’s practice engages directly with the legacy of fine art printmaking to elicit contemplative viewing scenarios.



5th Biennial

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