Floki Gauvry


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on January 30th 1951, Floki Gauvry attended the School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Paris, France, also several workshops on painting, drawing, printmaking and lithography. Since 1990, she made more than 30 solo shows and participated in group exhibitions and many national and international competitions. On 2006, she published her artbook ‘DESTELLOS – work on paper 1985 / 2005.’ On 2009, she started working with new media formats, using the light (LED) as a primary Ler Mais element. On 2011, she opened her own Art Gallery, El Loft taller espacio de arte, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Técnicas: digital print


# 7859

Ano: 2015
Dimensões: 80 x 100 cm
Técnica: Digital print

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